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Virtual Services

Personal Coaching

We refer to our personal training services as Personal Coaching, because MOVE coaches understand your fitness is not just about the two to three hours a week you’re with them; it’s about all 168!


With some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, you will be programmed exactly what you need to reach your goals, and to do so in the safest most effective manner!


Nutrition Coaching -

Registered/Sports Dietitian

At MOVE, we understand how important fueling your body with the proper type, and quantity, of food is. That's why we offer not only customized delivered meals, but nutrition coaching to help you along the way.

We offer multiple options for coaching and meal plan creation with our nutrition coaches, who are able to work with you no matter what part of the nutrition journey you are in. Just getting started and need some guidance? Great, we have you covered. A nutrition pro but would also like some help or structure, also great! We have you covered!



Custom Programming

No client program is the same, and results matter!


MOVE utilizes Train Heroic for its programming and analytics!


This allows coaches to track progress and clients to access programming as well.


There is no better way to see progress than to track it!


Nutrition Coaching -

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

The guiding principle of Nutritional therapy is that every single person is different, and so are the needs of their body. If you’d like to take a deeper dive into your health, and learn how to build your diet around your lifestyle for optimal performance and comfort, Nutritional Therapy may be for you.

We’ll start by taking a deep dive inside at what is going on at a functional level in your body. We’ll look for your body’s specific nutrient needs. We’ll also take into account lifestyle factors. From there we will build a nutrition plan together that suits both what your body needs, and what fits into your lifestyle.


MOVE Limitless

Our Accessory Remote Coaching Platform allows you a 1-on-1 relationship with a MOVE coach no matter where in the world you are. Your movement will be assessed through video, and video guided programming will be assigned to you. We will even send you a tripod. Your coach will update the app and your programming each month based off how you are progressing... until you can move LIMITLESS!


Endurance Athletes

Are you an endurance athlete struggling with nagging aches and pains and looking to improve your performance? MOVE has successfully worked with numerous endurance athletes to get back on their feet (or pedals, or fins) or stay on them longer and faster utilizing their educated coaches and meshing of corrective exercise AND performance training.


Running Shoes
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