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In-Person Services

Personal Coaching

We refer to our personal training services as Personal Coaching, because MOVE coaches understand your fitness is not just about the two to three hours a week you’re with them; it’s about all 168!


With some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, you will be programmed exactly what you need to reach your goals, and to do so in the safest most effective manner!


Service Locations

A Coach Dedicated to Servicing Your Resident Population! All MOVE Coaches go through an extremely thorough interview process. With education as a cornerstone value of MOVE, most are also physical therapists or have years of corrective exercise experience. Coaches typically are granted access to the facility, and interface directly with residents, adding NO additional work for the building or management.

- Free MOVE Assessments!

- Ability to come to our Back Bay Facility to train!

- Custom marketing material with co-branding!

- Access to ALL MOVE Services!


Small Group Training

These can be friends, colleagues, or strangers if timing works! Consisting of 3-6 participants. Your coach will ensure they know you, and everyone in the class, personally, and program the workouts accordingly. This lowers the cost barrier to customized coaching for many, but still allows you to get a great workout that is appropriate for you and your



Inside the MOVE Lab

All equipment is BRAND NEW and meticulously maintained!

- 14’ Rogue Infinity Rig

- Male & Female Olympic Barbells & 1000# of Bumper Plates

- Medicine Balls & Slam Balls

- Assault Bike & Assault Runner Treadmill

- Concept 2 Rowers & Concept 2 Ski Erg

- Axel Bars & Farmers Handles

- Sandbags (Strongman & Handled)

- Jump Ropes, Battle Ropes & Climbing Ropes

- Aeromat, Sliders & Plyo Boxes

- Soft Tissue Tools Galore

- RFE, Landmine & Glute Ham Developer

- Dumbbells to 100# & Kettlebells to 70#


Endurance Athletes

Are you an endurance athlete struggling with nagging aches and pains and looking to improve your performance? MOVE has successfully worked with numerous endurance athletes to get back on their feet (or pedals, or fins) or stay on them longer and faster utilizing their educated coaches and meshing of corrective exercise AND performance training.


On-Location Services

MOVE works with select locations around the city to provide fitness classes! These range from our Form, Fit, and FUNction class, rooftop yoga, rooftop spin, & more!


Click to check out one of our rooftop classes!




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