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Are you an endurance athlete looking to either decrease your injury risk, come back from an injury, improve your performance or get stronger? This is exactly what you've been looking for!

We designed CEASP strictly for endurance athletes! We understand that many endurance athletes may be working with an endurance coach, but could still be experiencing overuse injuries or need help with functional strength training. MOVE coaches and the MOVE method fits perfectly here! 

Clients still undergo a MOVE assessment, and based off this information,
a custom program is created for you. Typically, a MOVE coach will interface with your run (or otherwise) coach to ensure the volume/load/etc. are appropriate for your training and cycle. This way, your strength training is optimized for YOU to ensure you are moving STRONG and pain FREE!

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Custom Endurance Athlete Strength Programming [CEASP]


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Erin Bailey

I started worked with Blake when I set some pretty lofty running goals with my running coach, I knew I’d need the right strength training to help support all the miles. Blake is SO incredibly knowledgeable about the body. He was constantly making small adjustments in my movement patterns which made me stronger and just more effective. I look forward to our session every week not only because I’m constantly learning something new from him, but it’s so fun to have a coach push you and celebrate your victories as their own. Couldn’t recommend Blake and his team enough!

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Lena Surilov
​Finance lawyer
at a global law firm

MOVE has taken my marathon training to the next level and turned my dreams from a BQ for Boston into a dream for a sub 3 marathon and beyond.  They listen to their clients and create tailor made programs to achieve whatever the client wants, whether it is performance, versatile athlete, or getting you into the best shape of your life.  They push you to break the wall and get to the next level while focusing on form and mobility.  Lastly, they focus on the client’s entire well-being, including nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, sleep and mental stamina.  They even got my couch potato husband to workout at 6:30 am, now that’s an accomplishment! Currently my best marathon time is 3:08, but now I am looking forward to my sub 3 marathon and faster!

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I am an endurance athlete who has completed a few full Ironman races, multiple 70.3 triathlons, marathons and trail running. Staying in shape and being able to put in long training hours is extremely important both for my athletic goals and mental happiness.


‘Movement Over Everything’ studio has played crucial role in my ability to preserve and build strength during recovery after complicated foot injury.


Personalized program, individual training and available resources made it possible to not fall behind but instead concentrate on building up strength while healing. 

Thank you Blake and team!

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