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What you receive as a MOVE Limitless member:

One-on-One Access to a MOVE Limitless Coach

 Access to our app guided assessment

A FREE Tripod to video your remote assessment

Custom, video guided programming to help YOU move better

Coach direction and support

A path and a plan to finally MOVE better, even more mobile, even more stable, a road to MOVE Limitless!

A program backed by physical therapists, a biomedical engineer, & movement pros with years of experience!


“Nothing happens until something MOVES

-Albert Einstein

Is there a commitment?

Although we know movement improvements take dedicated effort and time, there is no commitment, and you may cancel your membership at any time!

How will I get my assessment videos to you?

Depending if you take one long video or a number of short videos, we can provide you with a number of options. We highly recommend uploading large files to a cloud based service such as Dropbox where you can simply share the folder with your coach. Your coach will guide you on the best way to transfer the information!

I am in chronic pain! Can I do MOVE Limitless?

Absolutely! This program is absolutely for you! We want you out of pain! To never feel like you are hindered during your training. We will program around any concerns you have and ensure we improve your function to get you out of pain!

I already follow programming or have a coach, can I do MOVE Limitless?

MOVE Limitless was still designed for you! We take an individualized approach to movement improvements. If you are unstable, we work on your stability, if you’re immobile, we work on your mobility. MOVE limitless is also ONLY accessory programming. That is why it will only take you 10-20 minutes and why you can absolutely continue what you are currently doing!

I am a CrossFitter, can I do MOVE Limitless? I am brand new to exercise, can I do MOVE Limitless?

You can begin by having a discussion with a MOVE Coach and ensuring MOVE Limitless is right for you!


Feel free to email us at or giving us a call at (617)-329-1288. 

If you are confident this is exactly what you need, you may head HERE and register for your first month. A MOVE Coach will promptly reach out to you to discuss getting you your tripod and completing your assessment!

How can you assess my movement if you aren't with me?

The MOVE team has created a 9 movement assessment within an app with video guides for each movement. We couple this with a form we ask you complete regarding your assessment. When you sign up, we also send you a tripod so that it is easy for you to film your assessment and send it to us. As long as you follow the guidelines put forth in the instructions, we have plenty of information to program for what YOU need!

What if I'm coming back to training after an injury, can I do MOVE Limitless?

Absolutely! The MOVE Limitless team includes physical therapists, and although we are NOT offering physical therapy, corrective exercises to address your particular injury and getting you back to sport and injury free training is absolutely part of our specialty!

How long will MOVE Limitless programming take?

This certainly depends on the degree of movement improvements you require. If you just have minor improvements, or if we are overhauling you completely. However, we anticipate programming to take anywhere from 10-20 minutes a day. Your coach may program for you 3-6 times per week.

I am a CrossFitter, can I do MOVE Limitless? I am brand new to exercise, can I do MOVE Limitless?

YES & YES! This program was designed for everyone! Everyone has movement deficiencies, imbalances, instabilities, you name it! It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, MOVE Limitless can help you with the foundational structure of your movement health and quality so you can continue doing anything you want for as long as possible!

How much does it cost?

MOVE Limitless includes everything listed above, including having your own personal MOVE coach for $179 per month.

MOVE Limitless 


$179 monthly

  • Free tripod

  • App Guided Assessment

  • 1-on-1 Access to a MOVE Coach

  • Custom Video Guided Accessory Program in App

  • Programming Updated by a MOVE Coach to Continue Progress

  • Taking Your Movement and Health Into Your Hands

  • Build a Solid Foundation To Be Able To Perform All Desired Movements Safely And Pain Free

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