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Our Mission


To keep you running - injury free, pain free, moving better & running stronger!


After working with & helping countless endurance athletes, hearing their struggles, pain points, & lack of resources, we decided to use our expertise to become the ultimate resource for strength training for endurance athletes.


Most know, at this point, that strength training is essential to keeping your body strong, healthy, and pain free. Yet so many athletes lack in this area. Whether for lack of direction, knowledge, or accountability, we want to help bring clarity to this necessary part of your training!


Check out our options below to start your journey to MOVE better & run stronger today!


Small Group Training Cohorts
(In Person ONLY)

MOVE Better // Run Stronger

...with friends!

These 8-week (2x/week) group training cohorts were specifically designed to provide clients with an opportunity to learn everything they need to know to remain injury free in training and successfully implement strength training into their training program; and to do so with friends! This promotes not only a sense of community and accountability for strength training, but a lower cost option for many! Check out our levels below and click each to see when our next small group begins!

Level 1: Fundamentals

Are you a runner looking for beginner guidance on strength training? This was designed for you! Let MOVE Coaches not only assess YOUR specific movement patterns, but learn the fundamentals of strength training patterns, and do it with your friends! The focus will remain on compound single plane exercises and midline stability. 4-6 participants will permitted to each 8 week course (meets 2x/week).



Level 2: Intermediate

Have you taken Fundamentals, but want to build on what you've learned? Or do you have a strength training foundation, but want more? Here you go! Our intermediate small group training will not only take a look at YOUR specific movement patterns, but coach you through some more advanced strength training principles. In this group you will begin to learn about multi-planar exercises, rotational mechanics, and some power development! Sign up for our next cohort today! (limited to 4-6 people, 8 weeks, 2X/week)


Level 3: Advanced Strength & Power

Do you have an advanced foundation of strength training but want to take your training to the next level & become more powerful? Here you go!

In our small group for advanced strength and power we will review the basics of your movement patterns, as well as coach you through a number of dynamic plyometric movements. This group will also learn the fundamentals of olympic lifting (clean only) to aid in power development. Previous courses must be completed for entry and/or a solid foundation in strength training must be exhibited. Join our next cohort today! (4-6 participants, 8 weeks, 2x/week)


Custom Endurance Athlete Strength Programming

Are you not in the Boston area, but still looking for a guidance on strength training? CEASP is for you! 

CEASP includes and begins with a comprehensive virtual movement assessment. Your Coach will then program strength training for you in an app where you can communicate and track your progress! MOVE Coaches can, and typically do, interface with your run coach if you have one to ensure appropriate volume/loading.

You may find more information HERE.


Individual Training

For the ultimate training experience, we offer individualized personal training, both virtually and in our studio. 

One-on-one attention with a MOVE coach is absolutely the most effective way to ensure your needs are met and you MOVE Better // Run Stronger.

A MOVE Coach will begin with a comprehensive MOVE assessment of your movement patterns. From there, a custom strength training program will be not only written, but perfectly administered during your sessions with a coach. This way, we can ensure all patterns are perfect for YOU, and that your training load remains ideal, weaknesses are specifically worked on, and that you continue improving while running pain free!

Setup an assessment with a coach today!



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